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What does your washroom say about you?

  • Are you compliant with legislation?

  • Do you provide facilities for people with disabilities?

  • Have you considered the environmental impact?

  • Do hygiene levels reflect your organisation`s values?

Keeping it clean

It`s an integral part of your environment and should be given the same consideration as any other area.


A healthy environment promotes a happy and productive workplace. In today`s competitive world it`s important to go the extra mile to meet the needs of washroom users.

We can supply a full range of products that fully meet the requirements of accessible toilet facilities.

For ease of use no touch products are recommended as standard.


Caring for the environment means caring for the future

Taking care of the environment is in everyone`s interest. Waste and misuse of resources has cost, efficiency and environmental implications. It`s important that a washroom has adequate provisions whilst meeting the needs of footfall. Consideration must be given to toilet tissue, soap and paper towel usage / wastage along with any impact caused by chemicals.


  • Effective dispensing systems

  • Alternatives to paper

  • Water management systems

Eco - Friendly

Washroom Management


Washroom management relies on just that, "good management"

The overall washroom environment must work efficiently if it is to meet the needs of its users. Issues such as blockages, odours, unreliable equipment and unclean facilities lead to a downward spiral which has a negative effect on users. Poor washroom management can lead to health and safety issues.


  • Adequate stock / fast delivery

  • Ongoing service operation

  • Quality assured products to support traffic

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