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Be confident in providing what the public expects, and the law demands


Part of the Disability and Discrimination Act of 1995, effective from October 2004, requires all businesses and organisations providing public access toilets to make their washroom facilities accessible to disabled users.


More and more businesses are falling foul of legislation affecting the provision of accessible toilets for disabled users. The resulting actions taken against any company can be damaging, not only in terms of bad publicity, but in financial penalties as also.


It is now part of your social responsibility to provide accessible toilet and we at Charlie`s Angels can help ensure that you meet the legal requirements expected.

Keeping it Accessible Washrooms

A fresh, clean environment builds confidence

Air in the washroom can be contaminated by multiplying bacteria, the presence of ammonia from the breakdown of urine, external factors and the organic smells produced by users. Any combination of these factors can contribute to the overall washroom experience.


  • Adequate ventilation

  • Sanitizers

  • Deep Clean Service


Hand Hygiene

A caring work environment builds morale

Hand care is an essential part of any personal hygiene regime. It is an important factor in reducing the risk of sickness from cross contamination. Issues caused from ineffective drying can contribute towards skin complaints and discomfort. An effective hand washing and drying system will reduce cleaning time, be cost effective and increase hygiene levels.


Soap dispensing systems


Soaps Antibacterial, Perfumed / unperfumed, Moisturising, Beaded & Waterless


Moisturisers Pre-work (barrier) / Post work


Drying Systems Paper, Warm air, High speed cold air, Linen roller towels, Cotton personal towels

Disabled toilet facility Disabled toilet and sink with hand rails Electric hand dryer