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A practical summary of cleaning services

The image your office or store projects does have an effect upon your customers perception of your establishment. It has a direct impact on whether they will do business with you, shop at your store of eat in your restaurant.


Consider this: Would you rather work at a clean office, shop at a clean store or eat at a clean restaurant?


Would you rather be distracted by dirty windows instead of being inspired by the beautiful interior, dazzled by the products showcased in the display window instead of noticing the smudges of the glass, or wonder if the kitchen is as dirty as the front entry door?

A pracitcal summary of cleaning services

Charlie`s Angels can clean your windows daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or at whatever interval suits you. Here are the services we can provide you.


Builders Clean We will clean all internal and external glass, removing stickers, paint and debris.


Ladders and Elevators Charlie`s Angels is fully insured to use ladders up to 25 metres. In addition, we have trained operators for the use of elevating platforms. Charlie`s Angels can also wash canopies, cladding, skylights, facades, shop signs etc.

What do your windows reflect?

Put the sparkle back into your windows with our window cleaning service on:

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