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Charlie's Angels is a professional facilities management company that provides reliable services in areas such as cleaning, floorcare, laundry, washroom, window cleaning and ancillary services. It`s services are flexible enough to cater to the needs of most businesses and are available on an ad-hoc or contractual basis.


General Cleaning Workstations, Communal areas / fixtures, Floorcare, Washrooms, Canteens, Windows / glass partitions, Reception areas, Customer facing and retail spaces.


Laundry Service Linen cleaned and folded. Collection and delivery service.

Quality cleaning

The importance of cleanliness in the workplace

Germs Our bodies are pretty amazing; day after day they work hard digesting food, pumping blood and oxygen, sending signals from our brains and our nerves, and much more. But there is a group of tiny invaders that can make our bodies sick - they`re called germs.


Dust build-up Dust build-up is predominantly made up of skin and contains mites. People can suffer from a variety of medical conditions due to prolonged exposure to dusty environments. Dust forms around the ventilation holes of computers, printers and photocopiers which not only causes heat build-up but also stores and spreads dust and germs around the workplace.

Why do we clean?

Talk to us today for cleaning services and laundry services on:

0114 284 20 20

Talk to us today for cleaning services and laundry services on:

0114 284 2020

First Impressions

A clean workplace gives you a clean edge

First impressions of your workplace and your employees can have a major impact on the success of your business.


Image may not be everything but it does speak volumes about your organisation`s values, achievements, work ethic and professionalism.


Approximately 55 per cent of first impressions are based on overall appearance and people often decide whether or not they like you and will do business with you within 10 seconds of a first encounter.


Regardless of the industry, every business can project professional image and turn first impression into increased profit and growth.